Arianna Munoz

Director of Special Projects
Head of the Social Equity Project

Ari (Arianna) Muñoz has experience in a variety of different aspects– from retail sales to car sales, social media managing, branding, and expansion over the last 5 years. After doing sales for many different companies, Ari started 3 of her own successful ecommerce brands and websites. While launching her brands Muñoz discovered a profound passion and love for the cannabis industry. Muñoz started working in the cannabis industry at an early age of 18 as a brand ambassador. Then was named a brand executive for multiple companies in the industry, hiring and coordinating events for over 4 big name brands at one time, as well as managing their social media and public relations presence.

Muñoz is currently in the middle of pursuing her dream of starting her own full cannabis line coming 2022. During all of that, Muñoz re-encountered MITA and is now assisting MITA in the process of expanding on a national level. In addition, is leading the team’s social equity project. Currently she is the Director of Special Projects and Head of Social Equity with MITA. She also is an independent cannabis consultant, partnered with Policy Quake.