Cannabiz Marketing Solutions

Dope SEO

Cannabiz Marketing Solutions (DOPESEO.COM) has been helping the cannabis industry since 2016.  With a long running track record of success and a focus on buyer intent search optimization, our goal is to always help our clients grow their brand presence while increasing ROI from their marketing investment. 

Our team comprises of skilled professionals from around the globe, but mostly based in the USA.

We help local dispensaries get more foot traffic and customers from Maps searches and we help our online  ecommerce clients increase their national presence while selling more products.

Max Juhasz is the Founder of DOPESEO and has been fortunate enough to run a number of training seminars at a number of prestigious cannabis events including Kushcon, The Texas Hemp Summit, Lucky Leaf Expo, The CBD Expo, The Cannabis Marketing Summit as well as helping to Co-Host the latest round of MITA podcasts. 


Digital Marketing for Cannabis is different than other niches. Your local marketing company that has historically worked with contractors, restaurants, and hair dressers simply doesn’t know the rules of what Google, other SERPS, social media allows. We do.

You invested the time, money and resources to specialize for the growing industry. Hire a marketing company that understands your business. Cannabiz Marketing Solutions can help.