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Explore our educational video resources featuring firsthand knowledge from industry experts with diverse backgrounds in the cannabis industry. 

Are you interested in learning about running a dispensary, gaining industry knowledge, or understanding the Arizona Cannabis industry?  We provide valuable insights, stories, and experiences that cover various sectors and aspects of the cannabis industry. 

Our videos offer guidance and information to help you navigate this unique market. 

Series’ like Cannamentors, Social Equity Deep Dive, and Town Hall are originally aimed at social equity applicants. Still, our videos continue to provide valuable guidance for operating a dispensary, even after the Arizona social equity program applications have closed. 

Stay ahead of the curve and gain a fresh perspective on the cannabis industry through insightful firsthand knowledge from industry experts from all over the world as we travel to conferences. Don’t miss out—tune in today!

Gain invaluable industry knowledge from experts in our MITA Cannamentors video series. Originally aimed for social equity applicants (though the Arizona social equity program applications have closed), these videos provide guided help for operating a dispensary, ensuring you have the tools and insights needed to succeed in the cannabis industry.

Unlock the secrets of running a successful dispensary by tuning into our MITA Social Equity Deep Dive video series, featuring industry experts sharing firsthand knowledge. While originally aimed at social equity applicants (although the Arizona social equity program applications have closed), these videos offer valuable guidance for anyone looking to excel in operating a dispensary. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and take your dispensary skills to the next level.

Get ahead in the Arizona cannabis industry by tuning into our Mentorship Program with Will Humble, former DHS director and designer of the MMJ program, and Demitri Downing, Executive Director of MITA AZ. Developed to educate social equity applicants about the workings of the industry, this comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of cannabis, providing valuable insights even though the license application is now closed there are countless free videos to tune into.