Joining a Cannabis Industry Association

By: Danielle Sedgwick, Director of Strategic Partnerships at MITA-AZ

For cannabis industry business owners, visibility, connecting and voice are critical.  But these are just a few of the many reasons it’s a good idea to join an industry association. Local industry associations offer a wide range of opportunities that can enhance business relationships and lead to greater overall success.

Here are 5 reasons why joining a cannabis industry association is well worth it…

  1.  Social & Networking Opportunities. Perhaps the most important benefit of industry associations is that they provide you with an excellent opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs in a social environment.
  2. Competitive advantage through education. Taking advantage of association resources and education can help you earn and maintain an edge over non-member competitors.  Access to advanced education and training programs help you maintain your edge and keep your skills sharp and current.
  3. Membership directories and privileged access to industry events and conferences . This can help you increase your exposure to new markets and potential clients as well as keeping current on all industry related events going on in your area.
  4. Opportunities to give back to the community. You can use your membership to share your knowledge with other member businesses and promote a stronger sense of community. Many associations donate to charity events and give back to the community..
  5. Legislative Advocacy.  Associations provide advocacy behind the scenes and can rally grassroots support when it’s needed the most.   There is POWER in numbers!

The important thing is to find an association that you like, that you can afford to get involved with, and that you want to keep coming back to.