22Red is a lifestyle brand that honors creative minds inside us. We provide premium cannabis goods while constantly pushing boundries.

Our line of premium cannabis product is meticulously curated with our customer in mind always. Each item is hand selected by Shavo himself to ensure quality, flavor complexity, and peak effects.


Because Shavo is interested in math and synesthesia, the idea for 22Red came from his love of those things. A lot of important things in Shavo’s life have happened around the number 22. Some say that this number holds the power of your biggest goals. 22 wants you to work hard on your life’s path and goal, just like Shavo has done with this brand.

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22Red’s mission is to create an amplified cannabis lifestyle that celebrates the creatives of the world. Born in LA, we take pride in providing badass products across cannabis, music, art, and fashion. We are the trendsetters with uncompromising standards, introducing premium goods to the everyday experience.

Taking inspiration from Shavo’s affinity for numerology and synesthesia, 22Red was created to pay homage to the number 22. Many major events in Shavo’s life revolve around the number 22 and it’s said this number possesses the energies of your biggest dreams. 22 invites you to work ardently on your life path and purpose, the same way Shavo has done with this brand.

STIIIZY offers a line of premium cannabis products that has set a new industry standard for portability and convenience. STIIIZY’s proprietary pod system has garnered a cult-like following since its launch and has emerged as a leading lifestyle brand in cannabis.

We’ve never been satisfied with “good enough,” not even when we were just a scrappy Boulder-based start-up trying to make our way in a newly legalized industry. When many companies cut corners, using inferior ingredients like animal-derived gelatin and artificial sweeteners, we crafted a vegan, terpene-enhanced, melt-proof recipe that virtually any adult could enjoy. While our competitors waited for state regulations to require testing, we tested our products for potency and consistency from the start. And now, more than a decade later, customers all over the U.S. and Canada trust us to deliver a premium cannabis experience, every time they reach for a Wana product.

Welcome to the world of Mr. Honey, where quality meets consistency. It all started in 2014, during the early days of medical cannabis in Arizona, when Mr. Honey Extracts set out to create a product that would capture the essence of cannabis in its purest form. Their passion and dedication to creating the perfect cannabis product led them to master the art of responsible extraction techniques.

Their first product, the Honeycomb, quickly became a sensation among cannabis enthusiasts. The Honeycomb was a result of their commitment to quality and consistency, and it was appreciated by all who tried it. The product was so good that people began referring to the creator as Mr. Honey, and the name stuck. Since then, Mr. Honey’s line of products has expanded to include shatter, diamonds, sauce, badder, crumble & more.