Make more money
Flower sales are based on weight. In other words, flowers that are too dry weigh less. The math is clear: if the weight of a product goes up without the cost of production going up, income will drop right to the bottom line. Cannatrol tools give you a quick return on your investment.

No More Harsh Smoke
No one wants to smoke flowers that are too strong. If the product isn’t dried and hardened properly, it can be harsh and unpleasant to smoke. If a product looks good, people will buy it again and again.

Reduce waste
When something is too dry, the buds either fall apart and can’t be sold or leave behind so much shaking that they look, feel, and taste bad. Cannatrol Systems will help you get more high-quality flower that can be sold and less waste that needs to be reprocessed.



The only total dry, cure, and store system

Our dry, cure, and store systems maximize potency, preserve terpenes and produce superior cannabis buds.

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