Clean Labs

Our goal is to provide the patient market with an exceptional finished product line that prioritizes quality, and consistency above all else.

Our process begins as high quality medical grade Cannabis which, through a series of various methods including distillation we are able to achieve an extremely potent essential oil rich in THC and other  major Cannabinoids. The next step in the process is testing this oil for Cannabinoid content using our own HPLC machine. This oil is then formulated into a recipe for one our various products.

High performance liquid chromatography is critical for us to ensure we are reaching our target active milligrams throughout our production. This machine is a type of column chromatography which works by pumping a diluted sample along with a solvent through a highly calibrated column. This column is set up to measure all major Cannabinoids through the use of lab grade standardized Cannabinoids. Our in house technician ensures that the machine is maintained properly and all the calibrations are current.

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Clean Labs is a Cannabis production lab based in Prescott Valley, Az. We specialize in all aspects of extraction and infusion from plant to finished product. We are a family owned business that strives to produce a pure, consistent, effective, and accurate line of products.


Pucks Cannabis Confections Was Founded In Prescott Valley, Az In 2016. We Are Most Well Known For Our German Style Or Black Forest Gummies. Every Single Product Is Made Completely From Scratch Using Our Recipes Developed To Work Specifically With Cannabis Not Just For Flavor But For The Delivery Of Cannabinoids.