Mary Jane Smokewear

Mary Jane SmokeWear, a dynamic and innovative brand in the cannabis industry, offers an eclectic mix of experiences and products for cannabis enthusiasts. Known for their signature “Trippy Tie Dye Day” and engaging photobooth experiences, they create an immersive and memorable atmosphere for their customers. Their product line, showcased under the “Top Shelf” category, features a variety of creatively designed apparel, including the Smokin’ Panda Crop T, Legalize USA T-shirts in black and white, Pope of Dope T, AZ Dope Squad T, and much more, each reflecting a unique blend of style and cannabis culture.


Additionally, Mary Jane SmokeWear is stepping into the digital age with its exciting “Crypto Collection.” They invite customers to join their Discord channel for the latest updates on this collection, which includes a preview of the Stoney Turtle Collection. This move into the world of digital assets, particularly NFTs, signifies their commitment to staying at the forefront of both fashion and technological trends in the cannabis industry​.

Learn More about Mary Jane Smokewear by visiting their website below.