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Our collection of high-quality goods shows how much we care about cannabis and what’s best for our customers. We are home to the most famous cannabis brands, with a who’s who of the most famous and sought-after growers. We can please even the pickiest tastes. People from Phoenix and Green Valley, as well as people who live in Arizona and have medical marijuana cards, are welcome to shop at Hana Dispensaries for anything they can think of.

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Dutchie is an all-in-one technology platform powering the cannabis industry with Point of Sale, Ecommerce, Payments, and Insurance. Through our technology, we’re helping cannabis businesses start, operate, and grow with confidence. With software that simplifies their operations, our customers can focus on what matters most—bringing the benefits of cannabis safely to consumers.

We’re proud to be supported by an incredible group of investors, from globally recognized firms like Tiger Global and business leaders like Howard Schultz, to the cannabis industry’s leading investors including Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital and Gron Ventures.

Our passion for cannabis and dedication to the best interests of our customers is proven by our collection of premium products. We are home to the most legendary cannabis brands, offering a who’s-who of the most recognized and sought-after cultivators, and satisfying the most sophisticated tastes. Hana Dispensaries welcomes locals, visitors, Arizona medical marijuana cardholders, the cannacurious and revivalists to shop our Phoenix and Green Valley dispensaries for everything you could possibly imagine.