At Sneakers, we know good weed means consistent quality at a great price.

Why you’ll love Sneakers prerolls:

  • No shake. No sh!t.
  • Good weed at a great price…rolled & ready!
  • 100% flower sourced from your favorite cultivators
  • High THC
  • Woman-owned and operated


Sneakers’ approach to cannabis prerolls and farming shows that they know a lot about the cannabis market and what customers want. They make sure that their products are not only high quality but also fit a wide range of tastes and experiences.

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The Giving Tree Dispensary Brands

Sneakers, a distinguished brand under the Mazor Collective, has emerged as a favorite choice for pre-rolls among Arizona’s cannabis aficionados. Offering a selection of three distinct effects, Sneakers caters to a wide array of preferences, ensuring that each session is tailored to the individual’s needs​.

The Mazor Collective is a vertically integrated cannabis company based in Phoenix, Arizona. We grow and sell premium cannabis products directly to consumers and distribute our brands through our valued network of wholesale clients across Arizona.