Midterm Election Cannabis Ballot Results

Article Author: Maxime Kot, President at The Cannabis Business Advisors (CB Advisors)

In this Midterm Election, voters in North Dakota, South Dakota, Maryland, Missouri, and Arkansas decided on whether to legalize recreational cannabis. Missouri and Maryland were the only states to move forward and pass their ballot measures. Here is what was approved.

Missouri – Amendment 3

The measure passed 53% to 47%, according to The Associated Press, with 89% of the vote reported.

Expected Start Date of Recreational Sales: February 2023.

Program Overview:

  • The amendment goes into effect on Dec. 8. and within 300 days,, a lottery process will determine 16 microbusiness dispensaries and 32 microbusiness wholesale licenses to low-income residents, high-poverty communities, disabled war veterans and those convicted of nonviolent marijuana offenses.
  • An additional 96 microbusiness licenses will be issued over the next 18 months.
  • Medical Marijuana Operators can convert their licenses to be both medical and adult-use 30 days after the election. Adult use sales could come as early as February 2023, depending on how long the transition takes. 

Maryland – Question 4

The measure passed 65.5% to 34.5% with 81% of votes counted according to the Associated Press. 

Expected Start Date: July 2023

Program Overview:

  • House Bill 1 will allow adult-use marijuana possession and use by consumers will become legal in July.
  • Lawmakers will need to enact additional legislation to establish rules and regulations governing a legally regulated cannabis marketplace.

Now 21 U.S. states have approved recreational marijuana use. The three states where ballot measures failed were close, but not close enough to go green.

Arkansas – Amendment 98

The only citizen-proposed cannabis measure during this year’s Midterms, residents had to collect signatures in order for it to make the ballot, Amendment 98 was ultimately rejected with 56.2% against and 88% of the votes reported. 

North Dakota – Measure 2.

Measure 2 failed to pass with 55% voting against with 95% reported. In 2018 a similar ballot measure was rejected by 59%. 

South Dakota – Initiated Measure 27.

This was the second time South Dakotans voted on recreational use. In the 2020 Election, Amendment A was passed with 54% of votes, but was eventually struck down. This year, with 99% of precincts counted, 53% voted against recreational marijuana. 

Open Licenses Opportunities 

For those interested in a cannabis license, even if their state’s legislation failed, there are still options to consider. CB Advisors has created a Cannabis Market Analysis of the latest industry trends and opportunities in states with cannabis programs. 
In addition, CB Advisors is available for introductory consultations on how to prepare a license application in Maryland, Missouri, and other markets across the country. Contact info@thecannabisbusinessadvisors.com to set up an appointment.