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Who We Are

Marijuana Industry Trade Association

We are professionals, entrepreneurs, educators and advocates united to build a strong and sustainable future for our industry in Arizona. Our work focuses on helping Arizona businesses stay informed, network and thrive.

Growing at the Speed of the Cannabis Industry

MITA Arizona Cannabis Networking Event

What is MITA?

Mission Statement

The Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA) is a national network where the cannabis business community and the voice of the cannabis consumer intersect. MITA’s mission is to forge a more diverse and fair legal cannabis market where all economic groups and individuals can participate and thrive. 


The organization’s role is to serve as a consortium for individuals, companies, and policymakers who share a common vision: to foster cannabis industry growth and opportunity.

Pictured: Raul Molina, Eivan Shahara of Mint Dispensaries, and Demitri Downing Founder of MITA

Why Join MITA?

MITA strives for the continued evolution of an industry through education, advocating for transparency, access, and the thoughtful regulation of programs throughout the United States of America.


Displaying the MITA medallion on your brand label, flower packaging, retail outlet, delivery service, etc. demonstrates your company’s commitment to the consumer and patient. 


It shows a commitment to only supporting regulations advancing the free flow of commerce and safe access of medicine to the people of the emerging cannabis industry. MITA is a network of cannabis industry professionals and businesses focused on developing an inclusive and accessible industry.

Michael Wessier at MITA Arizona Cannabis Networking Event

The Weisser Doctrine

MITA members will be asked to honor the Weisser Doctrine:


“Our brand pledges to not expend any resources, capital or time on supporting or lobbying for any policies, ordinances, laws or other regulations that interfere or limit the free trade and access of products throughout the United States of America.”

Award Winning Podcast & Educational Platform for the Cannabis Industry

The team at MITA was proud to accept the Emjay’s award for

Best Industry Podcast at MJBIZ 2023.

We look forward to helping the cannabis industry move forward both in the the United States and across the globe.

Thank you all for the love and the votes to help us get this amazing award.

Emjay Cannabis Podcast of the Year Award

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