MJBizCon in partnership with MITA USA Unveil Manufacturing + Distribution Pavilion, Revolutionizing Cannabis Industry Collaboration

Denver, CO – May 31, 2024– MJBizCon, the largest B2B cannabis event in the world, in partnership with MITA USA, Marijuana Industry Trade Association, proudly announces the Manufacturing + Distribution Pavilion at the upcoming MJBizCon at the Las Vegas Convention Center, December 4-6, 2024. 

This dedicated pavilion on the MJBizCon expo floor aims to centralize exhibitors, creating a hub for networking and educational opportunities tailored for manufacturers, brands, and entrepreneurs. 

As the cannabis industry continues to expand nationwide, brands in sectors like vapes, edibles, branded flowers, and other cannabis products face challenges of complying with state-specific regulations, often requiring setting up new facilities or partnering with existing ones. The pavilion will be the premier venue for brands to connect with diverse manufacturing and production centers, offering strategic guidance and industry insights from experienced leaders in national brand development.

“The story of the great cannabis brand is currently being written behind the scenes as manufacturing centers unite to create revolutionary deal flows at the expo with brands,” says Demiri Downing, founder of MITA. “This type of collaboration is how the industry will succeed, as companies learn and build together.” 

“This strategic alliance with MITA USA opens up incredible opportunities for the MJBizCon audience, facilitating attendee and vendor expansion and growth with an exceptional chance to connect with the right partners to propel their businesses forward,” said Sarah Wilson, Vice President of Sales at MJBiz. 

“Together, we are forging a path that leads to growth and mutually beneficial relationships. The possibilities are endless, and we cannot wait to witness the positive impact it will have on the industry,” 

The Pavilion’s key objectives are to facilitate brand expansion, educate industry members, and enhance the MJBizCon experience. MITA USA aims to streamline brand growth in the cannabis industry, providing resources and support for businesses to expand across state lines. 

For more information about MJBizCon please visit: www.mjbizcon.com

For more information, on getting involved with this project please email Rita Valenzuela at rita@mita.us