European Business Strategies for the Hemp & Cannabis Industries

In the latest episode of MITA Unshackled, listeners are invited to hear an exclusive interview with Attorney Gasper Friskovec, conducted at the ICBC Barcelona Conference. Gasper, a representative from The Talman Group, offers a wealth of knowledge encompassing legal intricacies, strategic business approaches, and innovative product development within these burgeoning markets.

The Talman Group, a pioneering research and development firm headquartered in Slovenia, specializes in providing tailored consulting and business development services for cannabis and hemp enterprises. With a focus on regulatory compliance and cutting-edge product and system development, their expertise serves as a guiding light through the complexities of these burgeoning industries.

Gratitude is extended to the sponsors of the episode, PURE5® and Terpene Warehouse, whose steadfast support has facilitated the creation of this enriching content. PURE5® sets the standard with its advanced cannabis extraction equipment and systems through PURE5® Safe, while Terpene Warehouse offers premium terpenes and botanical blends. Their sponsorship underscores MITA Unshackled’s dedication to delivering top-tier insights into the cannabis and hemp industries.

Listeners are encouraged to tune in and discover the vast potential of these dynamic industries alongside MITA Unshackled and its esteemed guests. From legal considerations to innovative business strategies, this episode promises to unlock invaluable insights into the future of cannabis and hemp.

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