CannaCon Show 2024

Find Next Level Networking At CannaCon 2024 | Conversations That Change Your Business

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses looking to thrive in this burgeoning industry. One individual who embodies this forward-thinking approach is Nick Smart, the CEO and part owner of CannaCon, a trailblazing cannabis conference that has been making waves since its inception in late 2013.

Smart’s journey into the cannabis space began with a commitment to connect, educate, and empower individuals within the industry. In a recent episode of MITA’s “Unshackled,” he shared insights into CannaCon’s philosophy, its strategic approach to choosing event locations, and the intricate dance of adapting to the shifting dynamics of the cannabis market.

One of the key takeaways from Smart’s perspective is the emphasis on going where the people are. He candidly admits to learning from the mistake of choosing smaller cities, highlighting the importance of vibrant, populous locations. According to Smart, connecting with seven million people is more manageable than connecting with 150,000. This insight has steered CannaCon’s decision-making process when selecting trade show locations.

In the interview, Smart discusses CannaCon’s upcoming events, with a focus on locations such as Oklahoma City, New Mexico, Rochester, Minnesota, and Cleveland, Ohio. He sheds light on the challenges faced in each region, from navigating the complexities of the cannabis industry in states like Oklahoma and New Mexico to addressing the unique dynamics of more established markets like New York.

The conversation delves into CannaCon’s commitment to providing value to attendees, with a focus on intimate connections and relationship-building. Smart emphasizes the importance of smaller shows for fostering genuine connections and contrasts them with larger events like MGM, acknowledging the fantastic opportunities they offer but highlighting the challenge of maintaining intimacy.

As CannaCon approaches its 10th year, Smart reflects on the company’s evolution and the shifting landscape of the cannabis market. He emphasizes the company’s dedication to supporting growers, acknowledging their pivotal role in the industry. The approach varies based on the maturity of the market in different states, with a focus on helping businesses navigate the complex regulatory landscapes.

The discussion also touches on the challenges of trade show companies in an industry that is constantly changing. Smart shares insights into the decision to lower booth prices over the years, recognizing the need to adapt to market realities. He candidly discusses the challenges faced by the industry, from the struggles of exhibitors to the impact of the evolving cannabis market on trade shows.

Despite the challenges, Smart’s passion for the industry and commitment to supporting its growth shine through. He acknowledges the libertarian philosophy at the core of CannaCon, advocating for a pragmatic understanding of the cannabis market and its challenges. Smart’s candid approach to the interview provides a unique glimpse into the realities of running a successful cannabis conference in an ever-changing landscape.

Nick’s conversation with MITA’s “Unshackled” offers a fascinating exploration of the cannabis industry, trade shows, and the intricate dance of adapting to market dynamics. As CannaCon continues to make its mark in the cannabis space, Smart’s insights serve as a compass for businesses navigating the complex and evolving world of cannabis.