Benzinga Conference 2024

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In a recent podcast episode, Elliot Lane, the Senior Vice President of Event Partnerships at Benzinga, shed light on the company’s core focus on finance, business development, and assisting companies in their growth journey. The discussion traversed through various crucial aspects, from seed-stage funding to tax assistance, showcasing Benzinga’s commitment to providing comprehensive information and opportunities for investors and traders alike.

Benzinga, a renowned financial news and data platform, plays a pivotal role in delivering insights into stocks, financial markets, and investment trends. The podcast highlighted the platform’s dedication to covering a broad spectrum, ranging from seed-stage funding for emerging companies to aiding businesses in going public and connecting with influential individuals who can pave the way for their growth.

The conversation revolved around key areas of interest, such as tax assistance, expansion, and distribution. Elliot Lane emphasized that Benzinga’s strength lies in bringing in leaders from diverse segments to provide expert insights. One major focal point in the discussion was the significance of events like MJBizCon and the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference.

Lane stressed the importance of having a positive experience at such events, considering them pivotal moments that impact the entire industry. The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, a tentpole event, was highlighted as a crucial platform for networking, education, and deal-making within the cannabis sector. Lane provided valuable insights into the conference’s history, stating that Benzinga has been hosting cannabis events since 2018.

The podcast explored the essence of Benzinga’s mission in democratizing information from Wall Street and making it accessible to individual investors. Lane explained that their target audience includes everyday people, akin to the average podcast listener, aiming to empower them with the knowledge required to make intelligent investment decisions.

The conversation took a deep dive into Benzinga’s strategy of extending a safe space for emerging markets through conferences. Cannabis emerged as a major focus, with the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference series being a flagship venture. Lane shared details about the conference’s content, which spans legislative discussions, brand showcases, marketing strategies, and more.

One noteworthy aspect highlighted was the transition of events from virtual to in-person post-COVID, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face interactions in the industry. Benzinga’s commitment to the cannabis sector was further evident in the announcement of upcoming events in Florida and Chicago in 2024.

The podcast also unveiled Benzinga’s plans for smaller, localized events in Los Angeles and New York/New Jersey. These events are designed to provide targeted value, offering deeper insights into regional markets and connecting businesses facing similar challenges and opportunities. Lane emphasized the goal of bringing together leaders within these states to facilitate networking, inspiration, and collaboration.

The article concludes with an overview of Benzinga’s collaborative approach within the cannabis industry, forming partnerships with MJBiz, MGM Pact, and other organizations. It encourages businesses and sponsors to participate in their upcoming events, highlighting the potential for networking with influential brands, investors, and operators in the cannabis space.