Emerald Conference 2024

Get Your Brand In Front Of Active Cannabis Professionals

In a recent podcast interview, Jess, the Chief Revenue and Experience Officer at MJ Biz, shared valuable insights into the upcoming cannabis conferences, shedding light on key events that cannabis enthusiasts should mark on their calendars.

The conversation kicks off with a focus on the Emerald Conference, a highly anticipated event scheduled for April 1st-3rd in the vibrant city of San Diego, California. Jess underscores the conference’s commitment to scientific exploration, emphasizing its unique inclusion of research on psychedelics. One notable aspect Jess highlights is the intimate networking environment at Emerald, which sets the stage for meaningful connections among industry professionals.

As the dialogue unfolds, attention turns to MJ BizCon, a flagship event set to take place in December at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Jess urges enthusiasts to stay tuned for exciting announcements, particularly the opening of the call for speakers in April. The interview offers a glimpse into the intricacies of organizing large-scale events, showcasing the challenges and successes that come with such endeavors. Jess takes a moment to encourage potential exhibitors to secure their spots early, recognizing the demand for a presence at this influential gathering.

Throughout the engaging conversation, the host expresses admiration for MJ Biz’s pivotal role in fostering community and networking within the dynamic cannabis industry. Jess, providing her contact information, extends an invitation for those eager to reach out and connect.

The podcast, serving as a backstage pass to the cannabis conference scene, aims to provide a comprehensive view of the industry’s leading events. Jess’s articulate insights and insider perspective leave listeners well-informed and eager to participate in these upcoming conferences that shape the future of the cannabis landscape.