Chill Pill Now For Vegans

Revolutionizing Cannabis Consumption: The Chill Pills Phenomenon

In this podcast episode, Max Juhasz, the host of MITA’s “Unshackled”, introduces Francis, the president of Life is Chill. They discuss the innovative products offered by Life is Chill, particularly the “chill pills” – cannabis capsules designed for a consistent and discreet experience. Francis explains the science behind their products, emphasizing the focus on providing the best outcome for patients with predictable results.

The conversation touches on various aspects, including the introduction of a vegan Live Resin Capsule, the challenges of working with different capsule materials, and the benefits of their low-dose approach. They highlight the versatility of chill pills, with options for different preferences and dietary needs. The podcast also delves into personal anecdotes related to cannabis use, adding a touch of humor to the discussion.

Throughout the episode, Max and Francis share insights into the cannabis industry, addressing questions about live resin, terpene profiles, and the unique selling points of chill pills. The episode ends with information on where listeners can find Life is Chill products and wraps up with gratitude and a lighthearted farewell.