Learn How The Japanese Culture Has Used Cannabis

Learn how the Japanese Culture has used Cannabis

In a recent New Year’s episode of the podcast, the host, Demitri, welcomed a special guest to the Phoenix studio—Yoko Miyashita from Leafly. The engaging conversation unraveled Yoko’s unique journey into the cannabis industry, her background as a lawyer, and her profound passion for contributing to this evolving space.


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Yoko, who hails from Japan but now resides in Washington State, shared her experience of living in one of the pioneering states that legalized recreational cannabis in 2012. This transformative event served as a catalyst, inspiring her to become actively involved in an industry with immense cultural and economic impact.

The conversation took an intriguing turn as Yoko discussed the distinctive culture of cannabis use in Japan, her place of birth, and her upbringing. The discussion touched upon the potential for exploring and preserving various cultural practices related to cannabis on a global scale, emphasizing the importance of respecting and understanding diverse perspectives.

The significance of education in the cannabis sector became a central theme, with a focus on Leafly’s pivotal role in providing consumers with valuable information, strain knowledge, and product recommendations. Yoko highlighted the platform’s commitment to empowering consumers with science-based insights, fostering an informed and responsible approach to cannabis consumption.

A key aspect discussed was the essential role of budtenders in the industry. Yoko stressed the importance of building trust with these frontline ambassadors and acknowledged their critical role in guiding consumers through their cannabis journeys. The mission of Leafly, as outlined by Yoko, is to connect consumers with the right products and brands, creating a bridge between the cannabis community and reliable information.

The podcast concluded with reflections on the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from non-cannabis industries to the cannabis sector. Yoko underscored the need for resilience, creativity, and persistence in navigating this dynamic field. As the conversation wrapped up, intriguing ideas for future projects emerged, including the CEO of Leafly becoming a guest budtender and offering an immersive retail experience for consumers.The podcast episode, available at https://youtu.be/Z9YgI-YYyo0 serves as an insightful exploration of cannabis culture, education, and the exciting prospects that lie ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry.