Sorting Robotics, Founded by a Former NASA Engineer, Leads the Cannabis Industry with Cutting-Edge Hardware and Software

Sorting Robotics is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Their innovative approach integrates robotics, computer vision, and AI technologies to streamline production processes, enhance productivity, and reduce costs for cannabis producers and vertically integrated businesses.

Founded by Nohtal Partansky, an accomplished entrepreneur and former NASA-JPL engineer, Sorting Robotics brings over half a decade of experience in developing robotic solutions specifically tailored to the cannabis sector. Nohtal’s background in engineering and his experience with the MOXIE project at NASA-JPL, which successfully generates oxygen from Mars’ atmosphere, underscores his expertise in leveraging technology to solve complex challenges.

Sorting Robotics boasts a roster of esteemed clients nationally in the cannabis industry, including Arizona companies like Hana Meds, Valley of the Sun, iLava, Evolution of the Pharms, Mohave, and Dutchie, who rely on their products for pre-roll sorting and vape filling. With a focus on customer satisfaction and support, Sorting Robotics serves as a strategic partner to optimize production processes and minimize expenses for their clients.

Nohtal’s leadership as CEO drives the company’s mission to lead the way in industrial automation for the cannabis industry. His insights and expertise have been shared on various platforms, including podcasts, where he discusses Sorting Robotics’ journey and the impact of their machines on the cannabis manufacturing landscape.

Sorting Robotics is poised to continue shaping the future of manufacturing in the cannabis industry, offering reliable and innovative automation solutions that deliver exceptional efficiency and value to their clients.

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