Wisconsin Cannabis Law Update

In the dynamic landscape of cannabis legalization, Wisconsin stands as a state grappling with the intricacies of its cannabis laws. In a recent episode of the esteemed MITA “Unshackled” podcast, hosts celebrated their industry recognition at MJBizCon 2023 before delving into a serious discussion about the unexpected support for the cannabis industry from indigenous tribes, particularly in light of the urgent need for medicinal cannabis amidst the opioid crisis affecting indigenous communities.

The conversation featured two insightful guests, Jeff Lito and Rob Perro, who shared their experiences navigating the cannabis landscape in Wisconsin. Jeff, a flexible packaging facility owner near Milwaukee, highlighted the challenges associated with recycling cannabis packaging. Despite the availability of recyclable and compostable options, legal restrictions on transporting cannabis across state lines present significant hurdles to the recycling process. The hosts and guests delved into the complexities of this issue, recognizing its impact on sustainability efforts.

Rob, a hemp producer and founder of a non-profit organization provided valuable insights into the current state of the legal cannabis market in Wisconsin. The state’s pro-cannabis governor juxtaposed with an anti-cannabis legislature paints a picture of a regulatory landscape akin to grinding gears, navigating through conflicting policies and regulations. The conversation delved into the nuances of the legality of hemp-derived cannabinoids and the challenges in establishing a regulated market.

Amidst discussions about the slow progression toward medical cannabis legalization in Wisconsin, with estimates ranging from five to seven years, both guests expressed concerns about compliance and public safety within the current hemp-derived cannabinoids market. They emphasized the urgent need for transparency and robust regulations to safeguard consumers and ensure the industry’s integrity.

As the episode drew to a close, the focus shifted to Jeff’s expertise in recycling packaging and its potential impact on the cannabis industry. The hosts explored the challenges faced by recycling facilities due to legal restrictions, discussing potential solutions and emphasizing the crucial role of federal legalization in addressing these issues comprehensively.

The MITA “Unshackled” podcast provides a platform for industry professionals to share their expertise and insights, committed to educating listeners about the evolving cannabis landscape and its impact on various sectors, from indigenous communities to sustainability efforts. As Wisconsin grapples with the complexities of its cannabis laws, informed discussions like those featured in the podcast serve as essential tools for navigating the path forward.

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